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What is Suicide & How to Intervene


After accidents and homicides, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young adults ages 15-24. It can be prevented. Men are more likely to commit suicide than women. They usually use violent means to end their own lives. Females, on the other hand, are more likely to attempt suicide. They usually use drugs or poison to try and end their lives. You should note that a suicide attempt is a "cry for help" and a request for social support. The suicidal person is letting his/her feelings be known. His/her problems seem overwhelming and too difficult to handle.

Why do College Students Kill Themselves?

Because each individual is unique there is no single reason as to why a student commits suicide. However, there are several factors that may contribute to a student having suicidal thoughts. These include:

Note that depression is a major contributing factor to suicidal thinking. Depression may result from several factors, including the recent loss of a family member or friend, disappointments in romantic relationships, or failure to live up to one's own or others expectations.

Myths and Facts About Suicide

There are many myths about suicide:


Warning Signs

There are verbal and non-verbal warning signs of suicide that will let you know that your classmate or friend is crying for help.

NON-VERBAL warning signs include:

Please note that many of these warning signs are signs of depression. Depression does not necessarily mean that a person is contemplating suicide. But depressed people often think of suicide.

VERBAL warning signs include such negative statements as:

Ways to Help

Help! Where to find it.

Counseling Services (645-2720)
120 Richmond Quad
Ellicott Complex

Crisis Services Hotline External Site Link Icon (834-3131)
24 hour telephone hotline

Mental Health Clinic (829-3316 x214)
Michael Hall
South Campus

University Police (645-2228)
Emergency Use Only (645-2222)

Campus Ministers and Advisors External Site Link Icon (645-2998)

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