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Tips for Adjusting to University Life and Resources at the Counseling Services

For many first-year students, the University may be their first experience living away from home for an extended period of time. It is a definite break from home. The individual's usual sources of support are no longer present to facilitate adjustment to the unfamiliar environment. Here are tips for students which may provide realistic expectations concerning living arrangements and social life on campus. In addition, students may benefit from information concerning resources available to them at the Counseling Services office.

Counseling Services provides individual and group counseling to students experiencing difficulty in adjusting to university life. Among the most common concerns students bring to our office are: low self-confidence; finding, enhancing, or ending a relationship; getting along with others; puzzling or distressing emotional states; family problems; self-defeating behaviors; controlling use of alcohol and drugs; life purpose and direction; and career decision-making.

Counseling Services consists of qualified, trained mental health professionals and advanced graduate-student interns with backgrounds in psychology, social work, and psychiatry. Any full or part-time student currently enrolled at the University at Buffalo may use the services at the Counseling Services. There is no fee.

A student's contacts are private and confidential. No information of any kind is given to anyone else unless the student specifically requests it in writing.

Any interested student can arrange to see a counselor by visiting or phoning Counseling Services, 120 Richmond Quadrangle, Ellicott Complex, North Campus, 645-2720, between 8:30 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday (with extended hours on Wednesday and Thursday to 7 PM). The receptionist will arrange for the student to meet with a staff member to discuss his or her concerns.

Consultation with a counselor is an opportunity for the student to describe personal concerns and what he or she hopes to gain from counseling. If Counseling Services, itself seems to offer the most appropriate services, the student may decide to continue counseling and meet regularly to work on his or her concerns. Counseling may be conducted either individually or in a group with other students expressing similar concerns. If appropriate, the student will be introduced to other resources, on or off campus, which can offer different or more appropriate services from those available at Counseling Services.

In addition to Counseling, Counseling Services offers skill-building workshops on topics such as procrastination, assertiveness, and stress management. Such workshops, scheduled throughout the entire academic year, provide a structured presentation of information and skills practice appropriate to the student's personal development and academic success.

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